Hempfield Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Draft

The creation of this draft Plan has taken many months, and the staff at Hempfield, along with our friends at HRG, have worked diligently to create this plan for our Township. Please take a few minutes to read through the draft and supporting documents. Any and all comments are welcome as we continue to craft this document which will help forge the next decade in Hempfield Township.

Comprehensive Plan Draft

Comprehensive Plan Draft Appendix

Comprehensive Plan Comment Form

The 2023 Hempfield Township Comprehensive Plan is the roadmap for the next 10 - 15 years for our community. A comprehensive plan helps to decide how the future of the Township will unfold and leads us boldly into the future. Together with our partners at Herbert Rowland, and Grubic (HRG), we are working intensely with community residents, stakeholders, businesses, and others to ensure that all of our needs are met and to ensure a bright future for Hempfield.

The Comprehensive Plan tackles topics like housing, commercial development, life safety, parks and recreation, infrastructure, and much more and we need your input to make this successful. Hempfield has flourished for 250 years and this Plan will act as a catalyst, launching us into the next 250.

In order for this process to be successful we need your help. Already the Township has help multiple public meetings and performed an online survey, which had a great response, but there will be more opportunities! Please be sure to check back frequently to see what those opportunities are, and participate in the process. The more community involvement with the project, the better the plan that can be produced. This is a chance to tell us all of your feelings about Hempfield Township, be sure to tell us the good, and also the not so good. 

Every opinion matters!

The Township is excited to celebrate the upcoming 250th anniversary and move confidently, responsibly, and successfully into the next 250. 

Help us make Hempfield a truly great place to live, work, and play!  

Comprehensive Plan Draft

Survey Results & Community Feedback

Through the Comprehensive Plan, the Township solicited information from residents, businesses, and community stakeholders to help drive participation in the plan. As a result, the included documents provide insight into our community's current and future needs.