Hempfield Township Tax Collector





Office Hours
Monday - Thursday9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Note: The Tax Office will observe Westmoreland County's Holiday Hours

Faye Rosatti
Hempfield Township Tax Collector

Office Phone: 724-836-7900

E-mail: taxcollector@hempfieldtwp.org

Office Location
Mailing Address
Hempfield Township Municipal BuildingFaye Rosatti
Tax CollectorHempfield Twp. Tax Collector
1132 Woodward DriveP.O. Box 8
Greensburg, PA 15601Greensburg, PA 15601

Payment Options

US Mail:  

Mail your payment to PO Box 8 Greensburg, PA 15601


We are located inside the Hempfield Township Municipal Building at 1132 Woodward Drive Greensburg PA 15601

You may also drop your payment in the black lock box located on the front of the Township Building.

Online Banking:

Mail your payment from online banking. Set up Faye Rosatti, Hempfield Twp Tax Collector as your payee and use the PO Box address. The payments are received in check form with your information, but they are not postmarked and do not get mailed immediately from your bank. Allow 10 days to ensure your payment is received on time. Use your map number as your account number

All payments should be made by check or money order payable to:

Faye Rosatti, Hempfield Township Tax Collector 


Receipts: If a return receipt is required, please include a postage paid self-addressed envelope

Property Tax Information

Township and County Taxes:

The Township and County property taxes are mailed March 1st.  

They are collected at a 2% discount March and April, at face May and June. A 10% penalty is added July 1st.

Township and County taxes are collected at the tax collector’s office until December 31st.

School Taxes:  

The School property taxes are mailed August 1st.  

They are collected at a 2% discount August and September, at face October and November. A 10% penalty is added December 1st.

School property taxes are collected at the tax collector’s office until December 31st.

Installment Payment Information

  • The first installment payment must be received or postmarked by the installment due date in order to participate in the installment program. Your intention to participate in the installment program is established by paying the first installment. Per PA statute, once established you may not opt out.
  • There is no tax discount when paying in installments. The combined total of the installment payments equals the face amount of the tax due.
  • If the second or third installment payments are not received or postmarked by their due date, a 10% penalty will apply.
  • Checks will be processed upon receipt. Postdated checks will not be held.
  • Checks returned for NSF (non-sufficient funds) or uncollected funds will not be considered as timely payments.


  • No receipt requested:  Return the appropriate installment coupon along with the payment.
  • Stamped Receipt:  Return the appropriate installment coupon along with the payment and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Notice of Tax Relief

Your tax bill may include a tax reduction for your Homestead/Farmstead property. To be eligible, you must have qualified for the Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion. If (NA) appears in the exclusion amount, it is not applicable to your property. As an eligible Homestead/Farmstead property owner, you have received tax relief through a homestead and/or farmstead exclusion which has been provided under the Pennsylvania taxpayer relief act, a law passed by the Pennsylvania general assembly designed to reduce your property taxes.

Any taxes not paid by December 31st are considered delinquent and turned over to the Westmoreland County Tax Office for collection.

The Westmoreland County Tax office can be reached at: (724) 830-3428

To change or update a mailing address, please click on the link below for the change of address authorization form and follow the instructions accordingly.

Westmoreland County Tax Assessment - Change of Address Form