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County Hauling Information

Important documents from County Hauling

Guidelines for residential Trash and Recycling collection in Hempfield:

  1. Trash and recycling must be out the night before your collection day, or prior to 6 AM on the day of collection
  2. Please bag all trash. Loose trash is a potential health hazard for our employees, is more difficult to collect, and is a major factor in municipal litter. If you are placing loose cardboard out for recycling, please flatten all boxes and stack them neatly next to your recycling can.
  3. Yard Waste will be collected on your regular collection day along with your trash. Please bag all loose yard waste in biodegradable bags and cut and bundle any limbs or branches into bundles four feet long or less.
  4. Each residence is allowed one bulk item per week (stove, washer or dryer, refrigerator/window AC unit with the freon removed, couch, etc.)
  5. If you have more than one bulk item or more than 15 bags of trash, please call Customer Service to schedule a collection. Extra fees may apply.
  6. There will be 12 Leaf collections throughout the year. They will be advertised when the dates are finalized in the new year.
  7. More information about the E-Waste and HHW disposal service, provided at no additional cost, can be found by clicking here.

Refuse & Recycling Fee Schedule

YearCost per QuarterAnnual Total2% Annual Payment Discount
2023$57.18 per quarter$228.72$224.18 - paid Q1 2023
2024$58.89 per quarter$235.36$230.85 - paid Q1 2024
2025$60.66 per quarter$242.64$237.79 - paid Q1 2025

Senior Sticker Program

To purchase new stickers, contact County Hauling at 724-929-7694.  Senior Stickers are $3.00 each, minimum purchase of 12 stickers applies. Recycling is collected weekly free of charge.

Incorrect Billing Account Information:

If you receive a bill that has the incorrect name or is addressed to "Current Resident",, please login through the portal on our website using the information on the bill and request an account update. Our system is based on the address, not the name however, so you can still pay the bill if it is sent to Current Resident or the previous owner, and the payment will be applied to your residence. We will update your information for the next billing cycle upon receipt of an account update request. Please do not attempt to log in to the portal before you receive your bill, your account will not be activated until you are billed. Please email us at or call Customer Service at 724-929-7694 with any questions you may have.

Mandatory Pickup & Recycling:

Trash pickup and recycling is mandatory for residential property owners and commercial business in Hempfield Township and is strictly enforced. Recycling and trash for residential customers is picked up weekly by County Hauling. Recycling containers are available at no charge at the Hempfield Township Municipal Building.

Homeowners must have an account with County Hauling for refuse service. Residents are billed quarterly directly from County Hauling. Failure to have service constitutes a violation of the Township mandatory trash ordinance.

Commercial businesses are reminded to annually send their recycling reports provided from their contracted trash hauler to the Township. 

Note: Transporting your residential trash to your place of business is also considered an ordinance violation.