Tax Information

Hempfield Township Property Taxes                                                                                                   

The current millage rate is 3 mills for Hempfield Township for property taxes. This represents approximately 1.5 million to the Township each year. A property owner in Hempfield Township with an assessed property value of $25,000 pays only $75 in real estate taxes to the Township for the year. Residents also pay a separate property tax to the Hempfield Township School District.

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Types of Taxes

Street Light Taxes

Hempfield Township contains areas with formed street light districts. These districts provide lighting on certain streets and roads in Hempfield Township. The property owners located in each light district are assessed yearly for the costs of the lighting and maintenance of the street lights.  Each district assessment is self-supporting through varying tax rates. Delinquent street light taxes are collected through tax lien to the individual property.  Keystone is the tax collector on behalf of the Township. They may be reached toll free at 800-328-0565.  

Earned Income Taxes

This 1% tax is based on earned income such as wages, salaries, tips and profits earned from business, etc.  The tax is distributed 0.5% to the Township and 0.5% to the Hempfield Area School District.  The tax collector by Berkheimer Associates on behalf of the Township and School District.  Berkheimer Associates may be reached Toll Free at: 866-701-7206.

Local Services Taxes

Local Services tax is an annual total  $52 tax paid through payroll deduction by persons who work in Hempfield Township and earn more than $12,000 annually. The tax is paid $47 to Hempfield Township and $5 to the Hempfield Area School District.  Keystone is the tax collector on behalf of the Township. They may be reached toll free at 800-328-0565. 

Business Privilege Taxes

This 0.00025 tax is paid by businesses operating in Hempfield Township and is based on gross receipts. There is a cap of $50,000,000 and thus the maximum amount paid by any business will not exceed $12,500 per year. Keystone is the tax collector on behalf of the Township. They may be reached toll free at 800-328-0565.

Per Capita Taxes

Per Capita tax is a flat tax of $15 per person over the age of eighteen (18).  The tax is distributed $5 to Hempfield Township and $10 to the Hempfield Area School District..  College students with proof of full-time status are exempt; however, proof must be provided yearly. Keystone Collections is the tax collector for this tax.  Taxpayers may contact Keystone Collections toll free at 800-328-0565.

Real Estate Transfer Taxes

This 2% tax is paid when property is sold in Hempfield Township. The tax is distributed 1% to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and 0.5% each to the Township and to the Hempfield School District. Real estate transfer taxes are paid through the Westmoreland County Recorder of Deeds. The Recorder's office can be reached at 724-830-3518.

Tax Collectors

Berkheimer Associates

Westmoreland County’s earned income tax collector will be Berkheimer Tax Administrator. State law mandated in Act 32 that one earned income tax collector per county shall be established. 

This is for earned income tax only. You should have already received information from Berkheimer Tax Administrator. Visit their website for more information or call them, toll-free at 866-701-7206.

Keystone Municipal Collections

Keystone Municipal Collections is the Township’s Act 511 tax collector. Act 511 tax collection includes current and delinquent earned income, business privilege, per capita, and local services taxes.  Keystone also collects current and delinquent Street Light Taxes.  For more information call 724-978-0300 or 1-866-539-1100 or visit Keystone Municipal Collections Website.

Consider taking advantage of Keystone’s Internet tax filing system for Hempfield individuals. Keystone’s e-File system offers a secure, user-friendly interface to fill and pay your taxes online.

Keystone’s website provides various downloadable tax forms and an easy link to e-File. This new system completely walks the taxpayer through the process, including creating a personal and secure log-in.